Hidden Water Damage is Often Much More Expensive To Mitigate and Repair

How Water Damage Is Often Much Worse Due To Non Visible Effects

Water damage can deteriorate your home structure in many ways including leaky roofs, contaminated ducts, burst pipes, damages to furniture, damaged insulation, and seepage on the floor. Hidden water damage is more serious than obvious leaks because it prevents you from taking immediate action. The minor leaking problem can lead to even worse water damage problems and increase the water bill significantly if it is not tackled promptly. The structure materials can absorb the water from the leaks and cause more devastating damages to your home.

Even though water damage occurs in hidden areas, you are still able to detect it by observing tell-tale signs. Moisture can interact with the airborne mold spores in your home and cause mold growth to spread at a fast rate. Mold growth can release a toxic smell that is not good for the lung when it is spread to a large area. Even if you cannot see the mold growth, you should be able to smell the unpleasant odor. The spores from the mold can cause hazards to the lung health of your family members.

Water can also be hidden behind the wall and cause brownish stains on the wall surface. Water that is hidden in the wall spaces can cause the wallpaper to peel off. The paint will peel off in wavy lines when there is water hidden behind the wall. The water weight can cause saturation to occur on the drywall and ceiling. Long-term exposure to water can cause the baseboard to be separated from the wall. If there is water underneath the floor, the floor may soft and cold.

If water enters into wooden furniture, it can also cause the wood surface to swell. Darker tile grout is an indication of a leaking toilet seal. Swollen door casing is also an indication that the water is inside the door. If your door is swollen, you will find it difficult to close or open the door. Water damage in the house is not necessarily caused by natural disasters. It can also be caused by a leaking pipe that no one has noticed for many months.

The standard home insurance offers very few coverage for water damage. Only certain type of water damage is being covered depending on the source. If the water damage is not covered by your home insurance, you should hire a water removal services to get the issues fixed. The water removal professional is equipped with the necessary tools to remove water from a number of spaces like basement, wall and attic. They can use a moisture meter to check the presence of water in wood and behind the wall. Some water removal professionals will use an infrared camera to detect moisture in hidden places.

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